Backing Up

FieldWorks provides one-file data management of an entire FieldWorks project. A FieldWorks project is a database that stores data and text related to a particular language and the people that speak it. All FieldWorks applications store information in a project.

Backing Up Projects

A FieldWorks project backup file is a zip file that contains compressed files. You can back up and restore FieldWorks projects to any of the following types of devices:

  • Local disk on your computer. If you back up projects to a local disk, make sure to back up the FieldWorks backup folder regularly to a network drive or removable disc drive.
  • Network drive.
  • Removable disc drive (for example, CD-RW). If you back up projects automatically to a removable disc drive, make sure that a properly formatted data disc is in the drive at the scheduled time.
  • USB drive.

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  1. B.thomas says:

    My Fieldworks (TE) would not open after a force shutting down of the computer. It so happened when the new charger would not charge. Now I would like to know how I an open TE again

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