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  1. Mike says:

    I am looking for the information about printing process. I still can’t find any information about this. Could we print out all the entries we have input? Is it possible to print out all the material in the form of a paper copy? It would be useful if we can submit the material for publication.

  2. ann_bush says:

    They are multiple ways FieldWorks data can be exported. Exporting data using Pathway is quite popular. With Pathway, your data is formatted using a stylesheet into Open Office or PDF as well as other formats. Once satisfied the data looks as desired, you can print it out.

  3. susanna_imrie says:

    Info on Pathway can be found at
    From FLEx, it is accessible in the Export dialog box (File > Export…)

  4. joes says:

    I want to ask that do you have version for the Mac User?

  5. ann_bush says:

    Hi Joes,
    We do not currently have a version for the Mac. Many people have asked for that and it will be done at some point.

  6. Mike says:


    I’m wondering if it is possible to add a picture to a record in Data Notebook? Many times my culture observations have associated pictures which I want to link to the written description.



  7. ann_bush says:

    Hi Mike,
    You can save the link to a picture (or sound file) in the notebook record. In Version 7 of FieldWorks, in the Notebook area, go to the Record Edit tool. Click on the field you want to contain the picture link (a text file) and select ‘Insert -> Link to file…’. The location of the picture will be saved.

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