Concordance Tools

Language Explorer 2.0 has two concordance tools which are provided in the Words area.

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The simpler of the two, Word List Concordance, lists every word in the word list. You can sort and filter these words then select one and see the contexts in which it appears. Notice the “interlinearize” tab. Clicking on that shows us this word in its interlinear context.

In version 2.0 there is also a more flexible concordance tool. This allows you to select which line of the interlinear to search in (e.g. the baseline, individual words, individual morphemes).

Some things you cannot do yet

  • Get a concordance of a lexeme, e.g. of an affix. (This will be available in the next version.)
  • Specify proximity constraints, such as X appearing within 2 words of Y.
  • Export the concordance of a word.

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