Language Explorer (FLEx)

FieldWorks Language Explorer (or FLEx, for short) is designed to help field linguists perform many common language documentation and analysis tasks. It can help you:

Language Explorer is being constantly improved. A new version of SIL FieldWorks is usually released at least once a year. You can download here or order a disk.

Demo movies of Language Explorer 6.0 are available to view online. These allow you to see the program in use. You can also download and install these movies when you download FieldWorks.

Although we cannot officially offer technical support, often we can help.
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6 Responses to “Language Explorer (FLEx)”

  1. sargon says:

    How do I open a copy of my FLEX 6.x project into 7.x leaving the 6.x project intact?

  2. susanna_imrie says:

    The instructions for this are on the Alpha download page in the expandable section headed “Migrating a project from FieldWorks 6.x”. When you do these steps, the migration is done on a *copy* of your data, so the 6.x project is left intact.

  3. Martin Schroeder says:

    I am helping a language project that is entirely Apple-Mac based. My wife and I are also Mac users. Is there a Linux/Unix port of this program that could run on Apple under emulation)?

    And if so, how come it seems that this is not mentioned anywhere on this site? I am sure we are not the only ones who would warmly welcome FLEX and TE on other platforms.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Martin Schroeder
    translation consultant
    Africa Area, Nairobi

  4. susanna_imrie says:

    Yes, the first version of FieldWorks on Linux is due out soon and there are already alpha versions available for you to test.

  5. I have a FLEX project on a language spoken in northern British Columbia. My project is on a pc, but several of my colleagues in a new partnership initiative to increase documentation of the language are mac users. Have any users had success in using FLEX on a mac platform?
    Thanks, Margaret Anderson

  6. ann_bush says:

    A different group has been tasked with development of FieldWorks on the Mac platform. You can follow their progress on their website at

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