FieldWorks 7.2.2

Version Date: February 1, 2012

This release has been  superseded by a subsequent release.

FieldWorks 7.2.2 is a beta. Please give us feedback on the new features, and send bug reports on errors that you encounter (see the FLEx Help menu), after reading the What’s New and Known Issues sections below. Thank you!

In FieldWorks 7.2.2, enhancements were focused in the Texts and Words area:

There is now optionally a connection between a text and a Notebook record.

Import enhancements

  • You can import texts in standard format including the baseline, and free form annotations such as a Free translation. (Does not yet import word glosses or other aspects of analysis.)
  • Progress made towards integration with ELAN in terms of time alignment data.

Export enhancements

Organizing texts

  • You can now choose which Texts to include in concordance searches, lists of words and listed in the Texts list. This choice is presented by Genre then text title.


Zero-width spaces

Concordance enhancements

Interlinear texts

Chart right-to-left texts; the Text Chart tab now support right-to-left.


  • Filter for jumps between Notebook and Lexicon. You can use a new right-click menu option to filter for an anthropology category.
  • Send feedback
  • Send error message
  • Dictionary view now has Bidi support – Where you would normally just put a space, if it might be between two pieces of LTR text that should be ordered with the first one on the right, you need the three-letter sequence RLM, space, RLM, where RLM is the Unicode character U+200F, the Right-to-left marker.
  • “Parse Words in Text” while on the Analyze tab now shows the results immediately.
  • Lots of bugs were fixed!

In Translation Editor:

  • The Biblical Terms view can show additional glosses and a description for the selected term in a pane below the biblical terms pane.
  • You can find a term using the new Find Biblical Term command to search glosses, descriptions, and the terms in the original biblical languages.
  • New experimental program, Transcelerator, for semi-automated translation of comprehension checking questions leveraging key term equivalents. More details.

Bug Fixes made in 7.2.2 include

  • Choose Texts: A newly added text is properly added to the Choose Texts filter.
  • Choose Texts: Fixed two crashes.
  • Bulk Edit no longer goes blank (show no entries) if you turn off a filter in Lexicon Edit or Browse.
  • A newly added analysis in Word Analyses view is saved when you move away.
  • Crash Report: When you cancel sending a crash report email, you are now given the chance to copy the report to the clipboard.
  • Export of multiple texts included from Translation Editor works.
  • Import SayMore files.
  • Fixed two crashes when upgrading to 7.2.
  • Import standard format texts: Solved two crashes.
  • Import standard format texts: Cannot skip steps accidentally.
  • Solved a user interface glitch in Configure Dictionary dialog.
  • Solved instability resulting from deleting reversal entries
  • Dictionary view XHTML/Pathway export problems:
    • Custom list reference field is now included in the export.
    • Style of sense numbers in a Reversal Index is now exported to the accompanying CSS file.
  • Cursor now placed in Note after adding Note.
  • Can enter data in Info tab before adding text to the Baseline tab.

2 improvements made in 7.2.2:

  • Text count shown before import of SF texts.
  • Show Entry in Lexicon added in right-click menu in Categorized Entry (uneditable entries only.)

  • XHTML export of Dictionary or Reversal can have large gaps between some items due to a problem with paragraph information getting into character styles. Workaround: Delete the paragraph style information from the character styles in the accompanying CSS.
  • Exporting root-based dictionary view to XHTML/Pathway may result in an error report if you are showing a minor entry for a subentry.
  • Reordering complex forms for display in Dictionary view does not work for the dictionary view items “Referenced Complex Forms” and “Other Referenced complex forms”.
  • When using Find in Dictionary in the Baseline of a text, and using the Other function to look up anther word, the Show button is not working on the Find dialog. This also affects this feature in Translation Editor and Paratext.
  • When you apply a filter using the Choose option, you cannot remove the filter by reusing the Choose dialog and deselecting the checked boxes. Workaround: Use the Show All option.

For Windows

A Full package contains .NET 3.5 SP1 and Windows Installer 3.1; a Minimal package does not.

Windows 7 users can use a Minimal package.

XP and Vista users will probably need to use a Full package for the first installation of FW 7. Pre-requisite: Vista users need to install Vista Service Pack 2 or later.

The SE packages only contain Language Explorer (FLEx); BTE packages also contain Translation Editor.

7.2.2 SE Full (337 MB)

7.2.2 SE Minimal (103 MB)

7.2.2 BTE Full (351 MB)

7.2.2 BTE Minimal (117 MB)

Download FLEx Movies

Download patch to upgrade from 7.2 to 7.2.2. (1 Mb)

  1. Download one of the Full or Minimal installation packages above (or use the patch to upgrade from 7.2.)
  2. Double-click the exe file you downloaded. After it extracts files, the first installation screen appears.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure you allow the SIL Software installer to install any required third party software it says is required.
  4. If you have used FieldWorks on this computer before, you may see two further steps:
    1. Select which if any projects you wish to migrate from FieldWorks 6.0.6 or earlier format.
    2. Choose whether to uninstall the last version of FieldWorks or its desktop shortcuts. Help.

For more information on upgrading to FieldWorks 7 from a previous version, see here.

Please check the Known Issues section above.

To install the movies for FLEx:

Note: The movies have not yet been updated since FieldWorks 6.

  1. Download the movies package (206 MB).
  2. Double-click the msi file you downloaded.
  3. A progress bar appears, showing the progress of the installation.

Download localizations including List contents

Here is the MD5 hash of each of the download packages, should you wish to use this to verify the download completed successfully.

Package MD5 hash
FW722_SE_A 8D28B738DFE1F801C2659B3C01E96D55
FW722_SE_B EFD3DF538C0B07051ED616F2FBF379B3
FW722_BTE_A 2CFD97AD423EEF3B2D3A4B4B832065D9
FW722_BTE_B EE9176857EA5B0F2CC5B71B0DF37A49E

For SE For BTE

Recommended System Configuration
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows® 7
  • Computer and processor: Computer with Intel Core® (or equivalent) processor running at 2.2 gigahertz (GHz) or higher
  • Memory: 2 gigabytes (GB) of RAM or more.

Note: The more RAM and the faster the CPU, the better FieldWorks will perform, especially with larger projects.

Minimum System Requirements
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 2 or later, Windows Vista®, or Windows® 7.
  • Computer and processor: Computer with Intel Pentium® (or equivalent) processor running at 1.5 gigahertz (GHz).
  • Memory: 500 megabytes (MB) of RAM.
  • Hard disk: Hard disk space requirements will vary depending on existing machine configuration and custom installation choices. As a guideline figure, you should have at least 1.5 gigabytes free prior to installation. In any case, you are recommended to have at least 10% of your hard drive free in order to allow Windows to run properly.
  • Display: 1024 by 768 pixels screen resolution or greater (for laptops, use native display resolution).
  • Offline storage: An external USB drive, network drive, or writeable CD-ROM to allow offline data backups.
  • Peripherals: Mouse or compatible pointing device.

For Linux

A Linux version of FieldWorks 7.2.2 is not yet available.
Instructions on downloading and installing the Linux version of FieldWorks 7.0.

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  1. John Dillon says:

    You state “XP and Vista users will probably need to use a Full package for the first installation of FW 7.” Does this mean that a subsequent installation of FW 7 requires only the Minimal package? I currently have 7.0.5 and want to upgrade to 7.2.2.

  2. ann_bush says:

    Hi John,
    Yes, installing the Full package installs .Net, which is still installed, so you will need the minimal package to upgrade to version 7.2.2.

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