FieldWorks 7.1.1

This release has been  superseded by a subsequent release.

FieldWorks 7.1.1 is a beta. Please give us feedback on the new features, and send bug reports on errors that you encounter, after reading the What’s New and Known Issues sections below. Thank you!

Unfortunately, you cannot download a patch to upgrade from FieldWorks 7.1 to 7.1.1.

There were two areas of focus in our work on FieldWorks 7.1:

  1. Improvements to Configure Dictionary options, and related Lexicon fields:
    • The “Publish In” field allows you to restrict the publication of an entry to some or no dictionary publications. You can customize the list of Publications in the Lists area. Removing an entry, sense or example from a publication completely hides it in Dictionary view and related exports. Homograph and sense numbers of other non-hidden items are updated accordingly. The publication is selected in the pane title of Dictionary view.
    • You can add a complex form to an entry. (Previously you could only specify this from the other end, by specifying what a complex form’s components were.)
    • A Publication Settings section in the Lexicon Edit Entry pane, where entry-level publication fields are gathered.
    • An additional, separate field to control which complex forms are listed in an entry, “Referenced  Complex Forms”.
    • You can reorder subentries, components, and referenced complex forms.
    • You can now deselect a particular type of lexical relation if you want to omit all those references from a publication.  By using Duplicate on the Lexical relations node, you can select different sets of lexical relations and display them differently, e.g. synonyms in italic style whereas antonyms are proceeded by a symbol.
    • You can now deselect a particular type of complex form if you want to omit those references or subentries from a publication.  By using Duplicate on the relevant node, you can select different sets of complex form types and display them differently, e.g. compounds in italic whereas derivatives are in bold.
    • You can now deselect a particular type of variant or complex form if you want to omit minor entries for those types from a publication.  By using Duplicate on the relevant node, you can select different sets of variant/complex form types and display them differently, e.g. variants could be set to show less information than complex forms.
    • In Dictionary View, you can use Ctrl+Click to jump to a reference. E.g. Ctrl+Click on a synonym will jump to the synonym’s entry within Dictionary View.
    • In Dictionary View and preview, there is a right-click menu option to configure the dictionary which will take you to that item in the Configure Dictionary dialog on which you right-clicked. (Outstanding bugs in this area: Occasionally it will not take you to the right place in the tree.)
    • Picture captions can be in any of the project’s writing systems.
    • You can create additional custom dictionary views with custom names.
    • You can see subentries of subentries (to several levels).
    • You can set a paragraph style for senses and subentries.
    • Subentries of senses are displayed below the relevant sense (however you must display senses in separate paragraphs to allow this.)
    • Bulk Editing works better again for specifying complex forms and variants. (There was a restriction on what was possible in FieldWorks 7.0.)
  2. Improvements to the exchange of data with WeSay through the LIFT standard and LIFTBridge, including but not limited to:
    • Pictures and audio files are imported and exported.
    • Writing systems are handled more appropriately.
    • You can add a special audio writing system which allows you to record sound or link to a sound file directly in the writing system subfield of any field in the Entry pane of Lexicon Edit, just as you can in WeSay.
  3. Since 7.1.0:
    • Correct out-of-memory crash caused by trying to keep lots of pictures in memory.
    • Added the SE version to this release.
    • Correct crash when adding Tones, CV patterns, Scientific name, or Sources columns to Lexicon Entries.
    • Correct crash when deleting a custom field in Notebook.
    • Correct problem where the blue menu buttons were missing from the Grammar templates.
    • Repair cursor placement issues.
    • Correct special writing systems handling.
    • Correct crash on refresh in Word List Concordance after editing morpheme breakdown.
    • Correct problem reordering tree relations in Lexical Relations.
    • Correct failure in UnicodeCharEditor.
    • Correct crash on Record Edit pane When deleting custom field If filter is enable on custom column.
    • Correct a problem where custom fields showing a custom vernacular reference list don’t show the items in the vernacular WS.
    • Correct sorting for unrecognized \u codes in ICU collation rules.
    • Add language packs for Malay, Nepali, Telugu.
    • Fixed LIFT import crash when LIFT dir had same ldml file in root as well as WritingSystems dirs.
    • Correct several problems in XHTML export.
    • Fixed a problem PA was having getting data from FDO when the same writing system was in both the vernacular and analysis list.
    • Fix incorrect ordering in RTL dictionary view.

  • Performance: Some users are experiencing terribly slow performance with FieldWorks. This is not a universal FieldWorks problem, so it has something to do with operating system configuration which we haven’t been able to track down yet. Please contact us if you experience extreme slowness using FieldWorks and please provide us with any information you can share about your system.
  • Migration: changes were made to the way writing systems are stored and this has resulted in some projects not opening in FieldWorks 7.1. Please contact us if this happens to you and we will work with you to resolve the problem.

For Windows

A Full package contains .NET 3.5 SP1 and Windows Installer 3.1; a Minimal package does not.

Windows 7 users can use a Minimal package.

XP and Vista users will probably need to use a Full package for the first installation of FW 6.9 or 7. Pre-requisite: Vista users need to install Vista Service Pack 2 or later.

The SE packages only contain Language Explorer (FLEx); BTE packages also contain Translation Editor.

7.1.1 SE Full (329 MB)

7.1.1 SE Minimal (95.7 MB)

7.1.1 BTE Full (340 MB)

7.1.1 BTE Minimal (106 MB)

Download FLEx Movies

Version Date: October 19, 2011

  1. Download one of the Full or Minimal installation packages above.
  2. Double-click the exe file you downloaded. After it extracts files, the first installation screen appears.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure you allow the SIL Software installer to install any required third party software it says is required.
  4. If you have used FieldWorks on this computer before, you will see two further steps:
    1. Select which if any projects you wish to migrate from FieldWorks 6.0.6 or earlier format.
    2. Choose whether to uninstall the last version of FieldWorks or its desktop shortcuts. Help.

For more information on upgrading to FieldWorks 7 from a previous version, see here.

Please check the Known Issues section above.

To install the movies for FLEx:

Note: The movies have not yet been updated since FieldWorks 6.

  1. Download the movies package (206 MB).
  2. Double-click the msi file you downloaded.
  3. A progress bar appears, showing the progress of the installation.

Download localizations including List contents

Here is the MD5 hash of each of the download packages, should you wish to use this to verify the download completed successfully.

Package MD5 hash
FW711_SE_A C72A02EAF5E945584619B16527B957B1
FW711_SE_B 960DCF3406D77DCE883D510F521ED358
FW711_BTE_A A9CEF083779027209F9845BA8E8F354A
FW711_BTE_B DF058FE177FB6AFD6BA8F430217E5441

For SE For BTE

For Linux

Instructions on downloading and installing the Linux version of FieldWorks 7.0.

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