FieldWorks 7.0.6

This release has been superseded by a subsequent release.

  • Greatly improved performance.
  • FieldWorks BTE can now be updated with maintenance patches between releases; you will not need to download the entire program each time there are new bug fixes available.
  • Numerous bugs have been fixed in the course of the reengineering effort.
  • Backup files can include settings (e.g. dictionary configuration) and linked files (e.g. pictures) as well as data.
  • Backup files now have the extension fwbackup, and a restore can be triggered by double-clicking on the fwbackup file in Windows Explorer.
  • You can customize the location where you store FieldWorks projects.
  • In Language Explorer:
    • You can minimize sections when viewing a lexical entry.
    • You can add a new list to the Lists area.
    • You can add custom fields of more types (number, date, list reference, multi-paragraph.)
  • Almost all dialogs in FieldWorks can now be localized.
  • Since 7.0.5:
    • Fixed a long-standing but recently discovered bug where “at end” filters did not return all matches.
    • Fixed crash on opening project with a zh (Chinese) writing system but no region code.
    • Fixed problem where Grammar Sketch was not working in some projects.
    • Fixed crash on startup with multilingual reversal entries.
    • Fixed a problem where SFM import produced duplicate entries for lexical relation links.
    • Allow user to select a writing system for multi-paragraph custom fields.
    • Fixed a text chart migration problem that caused crashes.
    • Fixed a problem which blocked Python access to projects.
    • Fixed a crash on LinguaLinks import.
    • Fixed another migration failure.
    • Corrected the default sorting of homographs and affix entries.
    • Fixed bug which could prevent accurate filter results in the Date of Event field in Notebook using the Restrict option.
    • Corrected a problem where custom character information was being lost on re-installation.
    • Added code to prevent users from making a chart with a single empty row and no text.
    • Do not generate Alpha headers in dictionary export for characters without entries.
    • Fixed bug which prevented Language Explorer and Translation Editor being open at the same time on a shared project (fwdb format).
    • Fixed problems in the Styles dialog.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when adding a second custom field.
    • Allow ampersands in custom fields to migrate from version 6.

Other differences from FieldWorks 6.0.x and earlier

  • Data Notebook is no longer installed as a separate application. Its features and data can now be accessed in Language Explorer in the new Notebook area.
  • Topics List Editor is no longer installed as a separate application. All of the list data it managed is now managed by the Lists area in Language Explorer.
  • WorldPad is no longer installed with FieldWorks. WorldPad can be installed on its own if needed. Download.
  • FieldWorks no longer uses SQL Server, so Microsoft SQL Server is no longer required to be installed. The FieldWorks download packages are therefore smaller, and installing FieldWorks is simpler.
  • We have discontinued offering backup reminders and schedule. Please let us know if you need these features added back in.
  • Sharing projects over a local area network takes an extra step. To enable sharing your projects, select File>Project Management> Project Locations and Sharing. Select the check box “Share projects stored on this computer”. See the help file for additional instructions.
  • This version can be installed alongside an installation of FieldWorks 6.0.6 or earlier. This may be useful for consultants and trainers but should be used carefully by others. Make sure you only edit project data in one version, not both! More information.

  • “Close applications” dialog box lists the FieldWorks installer: You might see a dialog box during installation (or uninstallation) saying “close the following applications before continuing the install”, and the only application listed is the FieldWorks installer itself. Workaround: Click the “Ignore” button.
  • icu….dll is missing: When launching FieldWorks, you might get an error message claiming that the file icuin40.dll/icuuc40.dll (or some other icu… file) is missing. Workaround: restart your computer and try launching FieldWorks again.
  • Equivalant language codes: If you have data in the same field in your project where the writing systems are equivalent codes e.g. cmn and zh, pes and fa, arb and ar, you will run into a problem when you upgrade to 7.0.5. Workaround: Before upgrading use Find and Replace directly in the fwdata file to add a variant or region code to one of the writing system codes, e.g. change zh to zh-CN. Need more help? Contact us.

For Windows

A Full package contains .NET 3.5 SP1 and Windows Installer 3.1; a Minimal package does not.

Windows 7 users can use a Minimal package.

XP and Vista users will probably need to use a Full package for the first installation of FW 6.9 or 7. Pre-requisite: Vista users need to install Vista Service Pack 2 or later.

The SE packages only contain Language Explorer (FLEx); BTE packages also contain Translation Editor.

7.0.6 SE Full (323 MB)

7.0.6 SE Minimal (90 MB)

7.0.6 BTE Full (336 MB)

7.0.6 BTE Minimal (102 MB)

Download FLEx Movies

Download patch to upgrade from BTE 7.0.5 to BTE 7.0.6. (10 Mb)

Download patch to upgrade from BTE 7.0.4 to BTE 7.0.6. (10.4 Mb)

Older patches

Version Date: August 24, 2011

  1. Download one of the Full or Minimal installation packages above (or use one or more patches to upgrade from 7.0.1 or later.)
  2. Double-click the exe file you downloaded. After it extracts files, the first installation screen appears.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure you allow the SIL Software installer to install any required third party software it says is required.
  4. If you have used FieldWorks on this computer before, you will see two further steps:
    1. Select which if any projects you wish to migrate from FieldWorks 6.0.6 or earlier format.
    2. Choose whether to uninstall the last version of FieldWorks or its desktop shortcuts. Help.

For more information on upgrading to FieldWorks 7 from a previous version, see here.

Please check the Known Issues section above. There is one installation issue and one post-installation issue which you might run into.

To install the movies for FLEx:

Note: The movies have not yet been updated since FieldWorks 6.

  1. Download the movies package (206 MB).
  2. Double-click the msi file you downloaded.
  3. A progress bar appears, showing the progress of the installation.

Download localizations including List contents

Here is the MD5 hash of each of the download packages, should you wish to use this to verify the download completed successfully.

Package MD5 hash
FW706_SE_A F437AF2649BECA23B7CE051DF52736F5
FW706_SE_B 2B0F2BBF1DFF78550147306AA798B845
FW706_BTE_A 9069D513236416203E7CCE1C8A7EF0A1
FW706_BTE_B E28B9EF0597C7182DBE034CD0072D29F

For SE For BTE

For Linux

Instructions on downloading and installing the Linux version.

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  1. Jonathon Rempel says:

    Hi- thanks for the info on Linux here. Do you have any knowledge of a 7.2 version of Fieldworks for Linux coming any time soon?? Thanks!!!

  2. ann_bush says:

    Hi Jonathon,
    Thanks for your inquiry. FieldWorks for Linux 8.0 is scheduled to be released sometime soon; hopefully in the next couple of months. It is currently being Alpha tested. FieldWorks for Linux will not be released for version 7.2.

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