Latest Beta Release

FieldWorks 8.3.2 Beta


Latest Stable Release

FieldWorks 8.2.9


Linux-compatible releases

Since version 8.0.6, compatible versions exist on both Windows and Linux.  Projects created on one platform can be shared back and forth with the same version on the other platform.
Note that newer versions of FieldWorks can open or restore projects created in older versions, but projects created in versions 8.0.4 and later cannot be opened (or restored) by earlier versions. Projects edited in versions 8.3.1 cannot be opened (or restored) or shared in Send/Receive with users using earlier by earlier versions.

Please see these instructions for enabling repositories for SIL software and installing the Linux version of FieldWorks.

Spelling Dictionaries

Spelling Dictionaries


Previous Releases

List of older releases.

13 Responses to “Download”

  1. Monali Longmailai says:

    I want to download the latest SIL Fieldworks which Windows 7 supports.

  2. susanna_imrie says:

    Monali, this page always has the latest stable release of SIL FieldWorks. Sometimes we make newer beta or alpha versions available. All these releases support Windows 7, Vista and XP.

  3. susanna_imrie says:

    Marc, thanks for pointing that out. I must have lost one of my edits along the way somehow. I’ve corrected it now.

  4. allan johnson says:

    Just a note on the 6.0.6 FLEx demo movies. They are virtually identical to the 6.0 FLEx demo movies, differing only in the cab file date and what appear to be a few non-essential bytes, maybe from re-compiling the cab file. They work fine but do have a different MD5 sum than the cab file for 6.0. The MD5 sum listed matches the cab file for 6.0. No need to re-download if you still have the 6.0 FLEx demo movies.

  5. Sam Mathai says:

    I tried to install TE 6.0.6 version in a windows vista with SP2 machine.Then I received an error message that ‘icuuc40.dll file is not found’.

    Please give me the instructions.

  6. vidya Joshi says:

    I want to download the latest SIL Fieldworks which Windows vista is compatible with..which one do I go for..Help!!

  7. Good day. Thank you for working very hard building Fieldworks.

  8. ann_bush says:

    All currently available versions of FieldWorks will work with Vista. My suggestion is the newest version, which is available at

  9. Mike says:

    The linux release is getting close and there is a new beta see

  10. ann_bush says:

    I’m trying to install the newest stable version 7.06 BTE Full to my computer. It downloads, but when I try and install it, I get the following error message: 7-Zip: Internal error, code 104. Any suggestions for how to install it. I have 6.0.4 already on my computer, but haven’t really used it yet as I’m just now getting in to a project.

  11. ann_bush says:

    I have seen this error from multiple people. What it usually means is that the download of the file was not successful and the file trying to be installed is corrupted. You can check the MD5 hash code on the file (see Verifying Downloads) or just try downloading again. There should be no conflict between having version 6 and version 7 on the same machine.

  12. Anna says:

    Can we expect a Mac version of FieldWorks some time?

  13. ann_bush says:

    Hi Anna,
    The Unix team has someone (part time) working on this. You can check for updates on their blog

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